I am a graduate engineer in horticultural science, and I oriented my doctoral study to agricultural science with a focus on agricultural economics. I am a researcher at the Laboratoire d'Economie Rouen Normandie (LERN) and also working as an independent researcher in France on agricultural, environmental and development topics. Prior to my current activities, I worked as a researcher for the Le Havre Normandy University, Thünen Institute, European Commission and as an independent researcher in Canada. I am affiliated with the global research network PEP (Partnership for Economic Policy).

Activities and Updates

2023-12-05: The journal Environmental Modeling & Assessment has published my article Plastic Emissions from Mulch Film and Abatement Measures — a Model-Based Assessment for Germany. This article complements the articles on plastic emissions: Microplastic Pollution in Agricultural Soils and Abatement Measures – a Model-Based Assessment for Germany, Identifying hot-spots for microplastic contamination in agricultural soils—a spatial modelling approach for Germany and Microplastics in Agricultural Soils: A New Challenge Not Only for Agro-environmental Policy? 

2023-10-23: The journal IDS Bulletin has published our article Co-Modelling for Relief and Recovery from the Covid-19 Crisis in Zimbabwe by Ramos MABUGU, Helene MAISONNAVE, Margaret CHITIGA and Albert MAKOCHEKANWA, in its issue Knowledge in Times of Crisis: Transforming Research-to-Policy Approaches.  The paper presents a model-based analysis of Covid-9 mitigation measures in Zimbabwe. By applying PEP’s participatory approach, we combine economic modelling with local policy decision makers’ expertise.

2023-06-15: Presentation at the 26th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Bordeaux, France): "Broadening Engagement in a Resilient and Sustainable International Trading System". Helene MAISONNAVE presented in the session: "Global Effects of the War in Ukraine” our paper  "Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War on women in four African countries".

2023-04-13: New article published in the journal International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics co-authored by Margaret CHITIGA, Helene MAISONNAVE , and Ramos MABUGU: The article is a narrative literature review on the nexus between climate change and women focussing on the gendered impacts and adaptations in developing countries.

2023-02-07: New article published in the Journal Economic Modeling together with Ramos MABUGU, Helene MAISONNAVE,  Margaret CHITIGA and Albert MAKOCHEKANWA. An output of a research project in the program Covid-19 Responses for Equity (CORE) funded by PEP and IDRC. Content: The assessment of COVID-19 impacts, adaptation and recovery policies in Zimbabwe.

2023-01-28: New article published in the International Journal of Microsimulation together with Helene MAISONNAVE and Francois CABRAL. An output of a research project in the program PEP Rapid Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, funded by PEP and IDRC. Content: COVID-19 impact analysis through the gender lens in Senegal.

2022-11-15: Presentation at the IEA-UNDP-WB Conference: Understanding the Gender and Climate Change Nexus (15-17 Nov 2022, virtual) organised by the International Economic Association (IEA) & UNDP (United Nations Development Program) (UNDP) & The World Bank (WB). Helene MAISONNAVE presented our paper on the macroeconomic impacts of climate change on South African women, which are more vulnerable than men.